Hacks to ensure you eat healthy while working from home

With the world adjusting to the pandemic, most people have found themselves working from their homes. You might have thought that you are now free from the distractions around the office like that annoying coworker who always tries to get you to talk, the reality could not be further from the truth. You are now battling with the most distracting thing in your house: the kitchen. If you are like me, you have probably found yourself making unnecessary trips to the refrigerator even when you do not need to, and you are now getting worried about your newly acquired eating habits. I have a friend who is a dietetics specialist, and he gave me a few hacks that would ensure I stayed healthy while I worked from home.

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Set a meal schedule for the day 

At the point when you telecommute, your day might be marginally less directed by routine compared to when you’re in the workplace where there is an actual schedule that everybody adheres to. This schedule could involve taking tea and lunch breaks at specific times.

The easiest way to come up with a schedule that will allow you some right balance is to copy your work schedule. You could make a few adjustments, but remember to keep it sensible. Planning your meals and snack times will dictate when you eat; thus, you won’t find yourself wandering, looking for snacks during work hours.

Avoid sugary drinks

Working from home, I have found myself working longer hours than usual and barely getting any time workouts. This, coupled with the consumption of drinks with high sugar content, cannot be suitable for the body. Instead of a soda, blend some fresh fruit like passion fruits or berries.

Portion control

Not keeping track of the amount of food you consume is thought to contribute to overeating. How does one ensure that they do not eat more than they should? First off, ensure that you are using the same sizes of plates and spoons because they subconsciously determine the amount one will serve themselves. Also, avoid eating snacks directly from the package since it is much harder to determine the portion that way. You can also get information guides from credible sources on the right portions.

Be cautious about an excessive amount of caffeine.

 For the coffee lovers out there, brewing your coffee and having it the way you like it sounds like a great idea, but too much coffee has its side effects. A lot of it is known to cause migraines, uneasiness, and stomach related problems. If you must have a coffee, keep it two cups maximum and also avoid high-calorie additives.

Get rid of junk food.

Junk food stimulates the reward system your brain in a way similar to addictive drugs. Even though you might be aware that junk food is not good for you, you might end up eating just because you have it sitting in your pantry.

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While the more pressing concern might be preventing yourself from binge eating and drinking, working from home can be too consuming for some to the point where they forget to eat. Make sure you are aware of your hunger signs, set reminders if you have to.


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