Few Simple and Quick Recipes for Breakfast with Bread and Milk

As per the recent news, the chefs have become quite active in making easy breakfast recipes combining milk and bread that forms to be a regular breakfast meal mostly for the kids. This combination can be made interesting with some easy recipes by turning the morning meals better and worth waking up to. Considering bread and milk as breakfast staples, it has always turned to a glass of milk with the bread toast combined to end up with a quick meal for every rushed morning. 

Preparation of Tasty Breakfast with Bread and Milk

When breakfast is served with plain Toast and milk, it has nothing to do with our taste buds. But when we run out of time to cook or prepare a delicious serving for breakfast, this staple combination is the most reliable combo for a healthy breakfast. So it is better to stir up things with this evergreen combo while churning out better and more appetizing meals. Both this staple have some nutritious value like milk provides enough protein and calcium to start an energizing day with a kick, and at the same time, bread helps in fill up our stomach with all its fiber content and carbs.

Therefore, the same pairing of bread and milk can prepare some exciting and easy breakfast recipes to turn up the morning meal better. The first recipe which we can make is bread cereal. For this, you need to tear the bread into small pieces and then drunk them in a bowl of milk. Then for some time, the bread chunks are allowed to soak in the milk, thus turning soft and squidgy. Then sugar, honey, dry fruits, and fruits need to be added to perk up the breakfast bowl.

Several Delicacies of Bread and Milk

Another attractive and old recipe that can be made with bread and butter is French Toast. Thus, for preparing French Toast, the required ingredients are slices of bread and batter of milk, egg, butter, sugar, and vanilla essence. The recipe is quite easy to make and taste excellent. The slices of bread are dipped into the batter and then toasted in a pan with little oil. The third recipe with bread and milk is quite interesting and is a sweet delicacy. This recipe is known as the bread malai sandwich. To prepare this delicacy, one needs to scoop out malai from the top layer of boiled milk. Then some sugar is added to it, and then it is stuffed into raw or toasted bread slices. All the kids love this delicious and simple meal. The other recipe is baked bread and milk cake, which is a savory cake. For preparing this recipe, one needs to tear bread into small pieces and douse them in a mixture of eggs, milk, grated cheese, oregano, and chili flakes. This batter is left in the oven for 15-20 minutes to get a tasty and cheesy breakfast cake.  


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